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Founded in 2017 by two enthusiasts of new technologies with the goal of supporting industrial groups - REDLab was born from an alarming discovery: not only are most industries not ready to digitally evolve, but often, they are forced to choose between traditional digital service companies that have some field experience and young high-potential startups with relative knowledge of the field and its technical constraints.

In order to no longer have to choose, we decided to converge these two worlds by relying, on our experience of traditional computing environments, and on the other hand on disruptive organization and technologies. We are proud today to be among the few startups to recognize your "Legacy" environment while offering you "Out of the Box" solutions.

So naturally, we decided to focus our expertise in the most innovative and promising areas of IoT, Big Data and Blockchain. "That's a lot," you say ! Well not quite, because these 3 technologies are so obviously complementary that it would be a shame not to use them together.

Our vision

For us, new technologies are not an alternative or a choice, they are the foundations of the future, where reality catches up with science fiction.

Each company has its own vision and issues, which is why our expertise is our added value in this fast-growing market. Always attentive and on the lookout for innovations, the strength of REDLab will be to know how to evolve with time to offer its customers a service always at the forefront.

Chaque entreprise possède sa vision et ses problématiques propres, c’est pourquoi nos expertises sont notre valeur-ajoutée sur ce marché en plein développement. Toujours à l’écoute et à l’affût des innovations, la force de REDLab sera de savoir évoluer avec son temps pour offrir à ses clients un service toujours à la pointe.

Our values

We firmly believe in collective intelligence.

Each member of our team therefore has the freedom and full responsibility to undertake the actions that he considers better for the vision of the company. We choose our roles based on our respective skills, as well as the projects we are working on.

All strategic decisions are shared transparently and the opinion of each member of the team is important. Finaly we never seek to correct the weaknesses of each and prefer to put all our energy to exploit their strengths as much as possible. Our values are lived daily and are articulated around 5 axes :


The potential of our teams always outweighs their experience. Thus, we do not evaluate a person solely on her/his past experience, but prefer to bet on his/her future abilities.
Facing forward, we want to know more about what you can do, rather what you have done.


We are all different and so much the better! The diversity within REDLab is not only an asset but also a necessity, because there can be no innovation without confrontation of ideas and points of view of each.


Success does not happen by accident and can only be the result of hard work and increased perseverance. We love what we do and naturally accept failure as a step towards success.


The ability to continually adapt in a constantly changing world is an integral part of our DNA. We accept and encourage change within our teams and in our projects to achieve results.


We work continuously on serious and exciting topics, however, we differentiate between taking our work seriously and taking ourselves too seriously. Thus, we prefer to work in a positive atmosphere where humor always has its place.

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