Big Data

Big Data is a term used to refer to very large data sets that exceed the capabilities of traditional database management tools

It is mainly defined by the 3V rule : Volume  Variety  Velocity

In reality, this notion of 3V only summarizes a small part of this type of system. Thus, we can add notions of complexity and plurality of data sources but above all an infinite capacity for extension, notably via the use of the cloud.

Your data is a valuable commodity of your business.
L’augmentation spectaculaire du nombre de données est à l’origine du Big Data. Ce nouvel Eldorado de la donnée offre de fructueuses perspectives pour les entreprises qui peuvent stocker et accéder à des quantités de données quasi illimités à moindre coût.

Smart data

IoT systems can recover massive amounts of relevant data, and once stored in a Big Data solution they can be cross-referenced with other data and analyzed in real-time by cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to meet the specific needs of the business.

Big Data plays a fundamental role in decision making in the business. Used with the right technologies, it turns out to be the foundation of intelligent information processing. By means of a distributed architecture, it offers almost unlimited possibilities, able to measure with a surgical precision the activities of the company.

Decisions facilitated

With Big Data solutions, leaders can rely on consolidated information with an unmistakable level of accuracy to help them make decisions. But it does not stop there. With a high level of granularity, access to information can be adapted to the right person and thus allow decision-making by the right person with the same data.

While decision support is a key success factor for businesses, there are other possibilities for implementing a Big Data environment. Thus, instant access to all of the company's data, combined with other external data, can lead to new business models, with the creation of new product or service offerings . For example, integrating IoT into a Big Data environment is a great way to give your products another dimension.

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