The Blockchain is the new technology that everyone wants to seize. Difficult to master, nebulous and overpowering, Blockchain is in the process of becoming the new global economic challenge.

Through a collective consensus coupled with the use of a decentralized and shared account ledger, it allows for maximum transaction security. This data management technology relies on a decentralized network, computing power and cryptography . This data management is distributed and put in a big book where all the transactions are noted in blocks linked to each other (block chain). This register is active, chronological, verifiable and protected against forgery.

Guaranteed data integrity

By extension, a Blockchain is a database that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation. The data contained in the Blockchain is visible to all members who use it.

This new technology announces a real turning point in the economy and the industry because it allows a transparent and secure transmission of information and guarantees a total integrity of the data.

Decentralization finally possible

The potential of Blockchain promises much wider applications than the monetary domain that made it known (Bitcoin). The fields of exploitation are immense.

We could apply this technology to replace most of the centralized "trusted third parties" (banking professions, notaries, land registry, ...) by distributed computer systems, use them as a registry, apply smart contracts and store data to life without destruction.

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